Accessing GitHub using SSH keys Sep 9, 2018 Generating a new SSH key Open a terminal. Generate your SSH key with the following command. ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "" -t The type of key to be generated is specified with the -t option. -b Specifies the number of bits in the key to create. For RSA keys, the minimum size is 1024 bits and the default is 2048 bits. Generally, 2048 bits is considered sufficient.
Returning to freeCodeCamp Aug 3, 2018 I started freeCodeCamp back in February but unfortunately due to a new job and its requirements it fell to the wayside. That period of time wasn’t completely void of learning as I was diving into VBA and JavaScript as there were parts of my job that was perfect for automation. I had a lot of fun doing this as I had a clear objective with a significant benefit of taking the drudgery out of the work that I had been assigned.
First tech meetup & migrating to KDE Jul 27, 2018 GDG Cardiff I attended a tech meetup that was organised by GDG Cardiff. It was an introduction to Machine Learning with Google Cloud. I was a little hesitant prior to going as I assumed it may be so far out of my depth that none of it would make sense. To my surprise I managed to follow along and was genuinely intrigued throughout the talk. At this event Google’s online learning environment Qwiklabs was showcased.
My first blog post Jul 25, 2018 This is the launch of my blog. Inspired by the following Packet Pushers podcasts : Episode 345 “How to further your IT infrastructure career” Episode 392 “Debating the value of expert certifications” To summarise the above here’s a direct quote from Greg Ferro’s blog: Getting that perfect job with a resume, recruiters, and human resources is messy. A resume simplifies your professional technology life, skills, and ability into a 3-page summary that the recruiter/HR/manager/technical lead uses to select interview candidates.