First tech meetup & migrating to KDE

GDG Cardiff

I attended a tech meetup that was organised by GDG Cardiff. It was an introduction to Machine Learning with Google Cloud. I was a little hesitant prior to going as I assumed it may be so far out of my depth that none of it would make sense. To my surprise I managed to follow along and was genuinely intrigued throughout the talk.

At this event Google’s online learning environment Qwiklabs was showcased. The demo at the talk all took place from within the browser, using real data in a live environment. Google has clearly put a lot of effort into building this learning environment and providing the necessary tooling. Post event I briefly browsed through Google’s Cloud learning catalog and I really liked what they have to offer. Once I’ve accomplished my current goal of earning the CCNP in R&S and completing freeCodeCamp’s curriculum unless something else comes and takes precedence I would like to work through Google’s Cloud curriculum.

Google Next ‘18 Keynote

Other things that I learned from this meetup:

Google builds their own hardware for Machine Learning called TPUs

Switching to KDE

Chris from over at Jupiter Broadcasting was a big reason why I’ve been using Arch Linux as my main distribution for the past few years. After listening to his experiences of switching to KDE I decided to give it a try.

First impressions have been great. The installation process was a breeze, the desktop is super polished and looks stunning. Everything works out of the box, I haven’t had to do any esoteric command line hacking to get things to work. The software centre is excellent. It’s very clear that KDE emulates a lot of Windows features. The Dolphin file manager looks very similar to classic Windows explorer, the start menu, taskbar and right click contextual menus too will be familiar to anyone who’s used Windows.

I’m so impressed with it I’m considering switching from XFCE to KDE on my main machine. Right at this moment in time if I had to recommend a Linux distribution for someone looking to transition to Linux, Kubuntu and Ubuntu Mate is currently at the top of that list.

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